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The TEAM that goes to work to support you and your business. Supporting the fitness and wellness industry we will take your brand to the next level.

Through many years of experience, a deep understanding of the fitness industry, and strong connections the members of the AGENCY know a few things:

  1. Sales and Marketing is exhausting! You literally have to hire a full-time salary position or super expensive agency that may not fully understand you, your goals, or more importantly your brand and clientele to get the amount of exposure you’d desire for your company.  

  2. The fitness industry is a tricky beast.  With so much competition and so many moving pieces, it’s hard to keep up, let alone stay up to date on what to do.

  3. Your time is valuable and better spent with your members and clients. You don’t need to be stuck behind a computer sending emails, posting on social media, or researching the best networking event to attend. 


We’re ready to help you.  As part of the CHI-SOCIETY family, our goal is to make you $$, support your brand and bring you new exposure. We want to save you the burden of spending time on mundane tasks. 


Here's how we can help. 


The AGENCY by CHI-SOCIETY takes place behind the scenes.  You may already know of the front-end exposure you receive with the listing on our website, social media recognition, and newsletter shoutouts, but there are other bespoke business development activities we can curate for you, based on your goals and objectives.

We will support you by being your full-service sales, marketing, and consulting team.  We take care of building and growing your brand through managing social media, capturing content, website design, and developing business.

We will be your boots-on-the-ground team attending networking events, actively promoting you, and scouting partnerships to get your brand in front of more people.


Make it easy on yourself and get the support you need from a team that GETS the health & fitness industry. We represent YOU by working out the details, negotiating the best rates, and the best exposure opportunities for your brand so you can focus on what you love. 

Below is our menu of offerings. You choose a monthly membership OR pick from our a la carte offerings to build how you need us the most. 


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