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CHI-SOCIETY: Discover the Best in Chicago Health & Fitness

Are you interested in starting your fitness journey, but don’t know where to start? Do you need something new to keep your fitness journey moving in the right direction? CHI-SOCIETY is here to help.

CHI-SOCIETY is your SOURCE to discovering the best of Chicago Health & Fitness. Curating a collection rich with the very best studios, instructors, events, workouts, and MORE, CHI-SOCIETY allows you to discover all of the city’s best healthy and fit offerings without spending hours searching the internet to find them.

The on-demand streaming platform that CHI-SOCIETY offers lets you work out with Chicago’s best instructors anytime and anywhere. Classes you can find include dance, pilates, boxing, cycle, barre, strength training, yoga, and meditation classes.

Classes range from 15-30 minutes making it the perfect addition to your busy lifestyle. Whether you need to sneak in a quick workout or have some extra time and want to create your own custom combo, we have the class for you. Our instructors bring their own individual style to every class so you'll always find the perfect workout and never get bored. Choose from 24-hour rentals, 3 class-packs, or a monthly unlimited subscription to discover the best of Chicago Health & Fitness!

What are you waiting for? Memberships can be found on

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