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How to Get Your Body Moving This Spring

Spring has arrived in Chicago! Crisp air and warmer days are ahead of us – Summertime Chi, we’re ready for you! After a long Winter, we are ready to get our bodies moving and our Instructors are here to help you. We asked our CHI-SOCIETY Instructors about their favorite tips to get your body moving this Springtime and how to commit to your workouts after the dreaded Chicago Winter. From staying motivated to regaining your fitness enthusiasm, our Instructors are ready to help you. Check out all of their tips below!

Lynne Alberding - Pilates Instructor, Founder of CLĀ, & Co-Owner of Centered on North

“Often I’m asked by clients how to keep motivated. Many people start fitness programs but may stop when they don’t enjoy it or results come too slowly.

Here are 6 tips to help you stay motivated and keep committed to living a healthier life:

  1. Set realistic short and long term goals

  2. Make it fun by switching up your daily workouts

  3. Make physical activity part of your daily routine

  4. Make it social by scheduling workouts with friends and family

  5. Be flexible in your fitness journey by listening to your body

  6. Celebrate the small successes and met goals

Now that you’ve regained your enthusiasm, get moving!

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Sydney Stier - Yoga 2.0 Instructor

“Move into spring DOING WHAT FEELS GOOD! Every day and week can be something different. Meet yourself where you are in the moment and listen to your body. If it feels good, you'll keep growing and inspiring yourself to continue without judgements or expectations of what "should" or "shouldn't" be going on physically and mentally.”

Kate Ryan - Meditation Instructor

“Spring is a season of growth and transformation.

There is an excited energy in the air- especially here in Chicago,

where we wear surviving winter like a badge of honor and wait all year for these amazing months ahead.

A simple way to get moving and greet the season with joy is to find ways to move that feel fun for you.

(This is a great way to ensure that you keep doing it- rather than dreading your workout!)

Do you like to dance? Put on your favorite playlist and get down!

Love the outdoors? Find a hiking trail and get lost for an hour.

And while you're at it, soak in the beauty all around you.

As nature begins to bloom this spring, you, too, have an opportunity to come alive again.”

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