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New Chicago Fitness Studios & Wellness Partners You Have to Check Out

NEW! CHI-SOCIETY has added new fitness studios & wellness partners to our website! If you’ve been wanting to try out some new fitness classes or make wellness a priority in your life, check out our new partners below. While you’re looking at our blog, take a look at our Community Perks Page for exclusive discounts and offers these studios are offering to every CHI-SOCIETY member!

BARRY’S - @barrys

Location: River North [11 West Erie St], Lincoln Park [1937 N Halsted St], & Wicker Park [1457 N Milwaukee Ave]

About: The Best Workout in the World™®. Founded in West Hollywood in 1998, it’s the original strength and cardio interval fitness experience that provides a dynamic, high-intensity workout that’s as effective as it is fun. Our fitness classes alternate between working out with weights and running on a treadmill and each day focuses on different muscle groups in order to achieve real results and to help reduce the risk of injuries.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive their first class for FREE.

Find the link to register under the "Perks” page on our website!

What’s Offered?: HIIT workout classes

For more information or to book your first class, check out their website —

DELOS THERAPY & DELOS STRENGTH - @delostherapychicago & @delosstrength

Location: River North (600 W Chicago), Lincoln Park (2105 N Southport), Winnetka (547 Lincoln Ave), & Oak Brook (3011 Butterfield Rd)

About: At Delos Therapy is an innovative technique, unique to their company, that addresses some of the most common muscular dysfunctions such as pain, weakness, tightness, and instability. Research clearly defines that these problems are caused by deep, fibrotic changes within the muscle characterized by hardness, stiffness, and pain. Unfortunately, MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans cannot indicate these changes in imaging. Dysfunctional tissue responds very well by driving through it with multi-directional pressure. The result is they are able to change an aged, weak, limited, or dysfunctional muscle back to its original state (i.e. how it felt when you were younger).

At Delos Strength, their 30-minute, one-on-one strength training sessions can help you become your strongest self. To keep muscles pain-free and pliable, you can recover with Delos Therapy. Their combined protocol is unparalleled.

What’s Offered?: Physical Therapy & Strength Training

For more information or to book your first session, check out their websites — &

Head over to to discover the best of Chicago Health & Fitness!

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