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Our 6 Favorite Chicago Wellness Partners

Updated: May 14, 2022

The best investment you can ever make is in your own health! If you’re looking to make your health and wellness a priority, then these CHI-SOCIETY wellness partners are here to help you do that! Chicago is packed with experienced, trusted health and fitness experts who are ready to help you live your BEST Chicago healthy lifestyle. Check out our list of the top favorite wellness partners in Chicago!

Kelly Maher Acupuncture + Wellness - @kellymaher_aw

About: A Holistic Healing Approach to Live the Life You Truly Deserve. Kelly Maher is a certified life coach, acupuncturist, and herbalist. She is the owner of Kelly Maher Acupuncture + Wellness and offers physical and mentall wellness services, along with complementary wellness tools, such as meditation.

What’s Offered?: Acupuncture, coaching, & meditation

For more information or to book your first class, check out their website —

Optimal Performance -@op_movement

Location: Bucktown/Lincoln Park and Southwest Suburb

About: A Sports Performance & Physical therapy clinic with a mission to help you function at your optimal potential. In order for the human body to properly heal, it must move optimally, think optimally, and be fueled with optimal nutrition. There is not a cookie-cutter answer to healthcare and it must be individual in nature. The goal of Optimal Performance is simple: Help you to move, think, and eat better.

What’s Offered?: Sports Chiropractic, Sports Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Sports Massage, & Strength and Conditioning

For more information or to book your first class or appointment, check out their website —

Haven Holistic Health - @havenholistichealth

Location: Fulton Market (220 N Green Street)

About: A holistic health center whose mission is to create a conscious community of health-minded individuals in Chicago and beyond. Haven makes finding and keeping your health in the modern world easy through our health strategies and online community.

What’s Offered?: Health & supplement consulting

For more information or to book your first consultation, check out their website —

Valena Wellness - @valenawellness

Location: River North (10 W Hubbard St Suite 2C)

About: Massage center using RollStar massage rollers. Lymphatic drainage massage is amazing post-workout. Encouraging the flow of lymph fluid can reduce swelling and make muscles appear more toned. It can also help your body recover faster.

What’s Offered?: Lymphatic drainage massage using RollStar massage rollers

For more information or to book your first appointment, call their number — (312)-900-6978.

Emerge Physical Therapy & Wellness - @emergeptw

Location: Lincoln Park (1962 North Bissell)

About: Emerge Physical Therapy & Wellness in Lincoln Park provides the best one on one orthopedic, pelvic floor PT, and personal training in a boutique style, safe and clean environment. Above all, they aim to promote recovery and wellness in Chicago.

What’s Offered?: Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Mental Health Services, Nutrition, Injury Prevention, & Personal Training

For more information or to book your first class or appointment, check out their website —

Move Therapy and Wellness - @movetherapychicago

Location: Roscoe Village (2135 W Roscoe St)

About: Move Therapy and Wellness is a lifestyle practice that focuses on a holistic path to wellbeing. Psychotherapists, yoga therapists, and other holistic health practitioners work together to develop a tailored and individualized path to wellness for each unique client.

What’s Offered?: Psychotherapy services, career and life coaching, mentoring, yoga therapy and special class series and workshops

For more information or to book your first class or appointment, check out their website —

Head over to to discover the best of Chicago Health & Fitness!

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