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Our Top 5 CrossFit Gyms in Chicago

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Did you know that, according to a study conducted by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) in 2019, approximately 4.2 million people in the United States were engaged in CrossFit training or classes?

If you’ve been wanting to try CrossFit, we got you covered! Chicago is packed with experienced, trusted health and fitness experts who are ready to help you live your BEST Chicago healthy lifestyle.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness methodology that focuses on functional movement and day-to-day physical capability. It's not just about how much you lifted that day or setting a personal best in every workout. It's about making those groceries easier to carry, making that 4th flight of stairs as easy as the 1st, even just bending down to do your weekend chores. All of that and more is what makes CrossFit the transformative experience it is.

As Austin Cornett of MagMile CrossFit explains:

There's a lot of different kinds of CrossFit. You'll find CrossFits that focus on strength, or cardio, even some that focus on gymnastics training. What makes all of them CrossFit, and what CrossFit is at its core, is training to better handle everyday life.

When we're out in the world loading our car for a trip, packing boxes for a move, or maybe lifting a 3-year-old onto our shoulders, we're focusing on getting that thing done. None of us are thinking about lifting from our knees or activating our core for stability. The problem is, that focusing on those things in day-to-day life is how we avoid regular injuries. That is where CrossFit lives.

CrossFit is about teaching your body how to move both in the gym and outside of it so that you're able to tackle the daily physical stresses we all have, safely and comfortably.

Our Top 5 CrossFit Fitness Studios in Chicago, IL

Whether you’re looking for personal CrossFit training, group training, or just something new, we got that for you! We’ve rounded up our top five of our favorite Chicago CrossFit Gyms that you need to check out (click on a link to "jump" and learn more about each of our favorite CrossFit studios in Chicago!):

Know of other CrossFit Gyms, Businesses, & Professionals that should be mentioned on CHI-SOCIETY? Please DM us via Instagram & let us know!

1. Archetype CrossFit

Archetype CrossFit | Best Chicago CrossFit Studio

Location: Lakeview East [3161 N. Broadway]

About: Fitness for All! Offering expert coaching to help you achieve your goals through CrossFit classes, personal training, and nutritional coaching

Instagram: @archetypecrossfit

What’s Offered?: CrossFit classes, Personal Training, Nutritional Coaching


2. Chicago Strength

Chicago Strength | Best Chicago CrossFit Studio

Location: River North [1030 N Larrabee St], Logan Square [2080 N Milwaukee Ave], & Avondale [3747 W Belmont Ave]

About: Chicago Strength’s training philosophy can be boiled down to the belief that true fitness is the ability to excel in as many types of athletic performance as possible, concurrently. In order to ensure that state of physical preparedness, we must constantly vary our training modalities, duration, loads, volume, and intensity. To accomplish this, we offer the greatest variety of class formats in Chicago.

Instagram: @chicago_strength

What’s Offered?: 8 class offerings [HIIT, Crossfit, TRX, & more!], 24/7 FOB access, & Personal Training

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive a special offer: Unlimited Trial Month - ONLY $99! Visit our Perks Page to learn more & to access your special offer!


3. Jaguar Strength

Jaguar Strength | Best Chicago CrossFit Studio

Location: River West [770 N Halsted St Floor-P2]

About: Home of Chicago Ave. CrossFit! Jaguar Strength offers hybrid programming combining both Strength and Conditioning + CrossFit to give you a personalized path toward your goals. Looking better, feeling better, a bigger squat, or a high place in the CrossFit Open are all achieved within “The Jungle” walls through expert programming, hard work, and a bad ass community.

Instagram: @jaguarstrength_chi

What’s Offered?: Strength & Conditioning Classes, CrossFit Classes, & Personal Training

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive a special offer: Unlimited Membership - 14 Days for ONLY $14! Visit our Perks Page to learn more & to access your special offer!


4. MagMile CrossFit

MagMile CrossFit | Best Chicago CrossFit Studio

Location: River North [7 E Illinois St]

About: MagMile is a collective of fitness enthusiasts with the expertise to improve the physical and mental fitness of each person that walks into MagMile CrossFit in Chicago. At MagMile, they are ready to challenge, improve, and support members in their health and fitness journey. They assess your physical movement and nutritional foundation, analyze the results, and determine a fitness, nutrition, and recovery strategy that fit your individualized needs.

Instagram: @magmilecrossfit

What’s Offered?: Functional Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive a special offer!

Experienced CrossFitters will receive 50% off of their first full month membership payment [$250 down to $125]. New to CrossFit? Check out their Foundations program for 50% off [$200 down to $100].

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5. PXM Fitness

PXM Fitness | Best Chicago CrossFit Studio

Location: Andersonville/Edgewater [5757 N Ridge Ave]

About: PXM believes in constant physical and mental growth. Their goal is to help clients to understand their connection with fitness. Class programming includes strength training followed by a workout programmed for the specific day. Every body is unique — PXM will help find something that works for YOU.

Instagram: @pxmfitness

What’s Offered?: CrossFit classes, Olympic Lifting, Personal Training, Yoga classes

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