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Top Ways to Practice Hygge in Your Home From An Integrative Wellness Coach

Updated: May 31

While you might not be familiar with the practice of “Hygge,” let alone how to say it (think “HYOO-GUH”), there’s a reason why Nordic countries like Denmark and Finland have ranked the highest in a global study on happiness since 2013 (according to the World Happiness Report). It’s because they’ve adopted this state of mind, which is all about living simpler to achieve balance.

Taking a cue from the Danish – who value their home as a safe haven – hygge is something that can be applied and appreciated by anyone, if you have the tools to harness it. Below are ways to inspire hygge in the home.

How to Practice to Practice Hygge at Home

Appreciate the Contrast

While Hygge does consider how to weave the outdoors in and honor our home environments the same way we would nature, it also:

  • Celebrates the cozy or contrast from the natural tides of mother nature

  • Creates a true sense of warmth inside when the exterior elements – like a wild snowstorm or pouring rain – are brewing outside.

Here are some ways to ignite that sense of serenity and security when the outside world can sometimes feel chaotic and out of our control:

  • Lighting a fire.

  • Sip tea.

  • Cuddle under a wool blanket.

  • Dim the lights. 

Speak to Your Intuition

When selecting your design aesthetic, it’s almost easier to align with what’s “trending” vs. tapping into what your mind and body crave in that space. Creating what’s known as a “hyggelig” home is designing around your instincts, core values and passions instead of trying to match your neighbor.

This can include:

  • Exploring what sensory details speak to you in designated space, e.g. a sandalwood-scented candle in the kitchen or a velvet-upholstered accent chair in the living room

  • Dedicating space to pursue something you love, like a painting room, woodworking shop, crafting zone, etc. 

What is Hygge?

Make It Livable

While sensational design can be fun at times, form and function are of the utmost importance when it comes to Hygge, as everything in your home should serve a purpose and be approachable. Weathered pieces mean they were not only used, but enjoyed and treasured. Treating each piece of furniture as if it could be a future heirloom gives it meaning and invites guests to feel like they can walk about and enjoy your home with you.

Celebrate the Corners

No one puts baby in a corner… unless you’re thinking hygge, where corners can be the most delicate and interesting areas in a space. Creating your “hyggekrog” or cushy nook  to unwind – whether on a window sill, mountain of pillows, or chaise lounge – offers a retreat from the everyday. It provides a place to pass the time with a good book, listen to music, journal, meditate or mindfully slow down while enjoying an afternoon snack.

Honor the Heart of the Home

Often the kitchen is referred to as the “heart of the home,” however in hygge-speak, the bedroom is the true nesting ground, as it’s where you rest and recharge to be your most present self outside of that space. Investing in quality linens, optimal organization, colors that soothe you and minimal decorative items and gadgets allows for a sleek sanctuary where you can feel your most comfortable and grounded self mentally and physically.

When it comes to the art of Hygge, infusing it in your home is ultimately about creating little moments for yourself in order to build that sense of happiness and togetherness with others, and to treat your home like it has its own personality. Would you want to kick back and pass the time with your home? If the answer is yes, you’re on the right track.


Kimberly Writt is a Chicago-based Integrative Wellness Coach and Yoga & Meditation Instructor with over a decade of experience in marketing and brand strategy for top interior, architecture and real estate clients. Writt's affinity for interiors and wellness prompted the launch of be HUE: a mix of wellness coaching, yoga and meditation geared toward home + design professionals and enthusiasts. Writt’s mission is to ignite the same zest for life and radiation from within that she experienced while on her own health journey with others.

Writt received her Wellness Coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an additional Wellness Coaching certification from NASM and her Feng Shui certification from IAP. She is certified in Meditation from Chill Anywhere as well as Vinyasa and Sculpt Yoga from CorePower Yoga. She currently teaches at Studio Three.

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