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What is CrossFit?

With the constantly growing popularity of CrossFit, you have probably heard of this workout, but now it’s time to learn what it is and if it’s for you! CrossFit is a fantastic and effective workout that everyone should try out. If you are looking for a new workout to try or looking for a new studio to try in Chicago, read the rest of this article to learn about CrossFit and if it’s the one for you!

From general CrossFit knowledge to tips about CrossFit, we put together a guide to help you learn what CrossFit is. A special thanks to Austin Cornett of MagMile CrossFit for sharing his knowledge and expertise of CrossFit for this article. Read below to learn more!


If you’ve never heard of or tried CrossFit, it’s time to learn about this workout craze and if it’s for you! CrossFit is a fitness methodology that focuses on functional movement and day-to-day physical capability. It's not just about how much you lifted that day or setting a personal best in every workout. It's about making those groceries easier to carry, making that 4th flight of stairs as easy as the 1st, even just bending down to do your weekend chores. All of that and more is what makes CrossFit the transformative experience it is.

Austin Cornett of MagMile Fitness says, “There's a lot of different kinds of CrossFit. You'll find CrossFits that focus on strength, or cardio, even some that focus on gymnastics training. What makes all of them CrossFit, and what CrossFit is at its core, is training to better handle everyday life.

When we're out in the world loading our car for a trip, packing boxes for a move, maybe lifting a 3-year-old onto our shoulders, we're focusing on getting that thing done. None of us are thinking about lifting from our knees or activating our core for stability. The problem is, that focusing on those things in day-to-day life is how we avoid regular injuries. That is where CrossFit lives. CrossFit is about teaching your body how to move both in the gym and outside of it so that you're able to tackle the daily physical stresses we all have, safely and comfortably.”

CHI-SOCIETY is proud to partner with three amazing Chicago CrossFit studios — MagMile CrossFit, Archetype CrossFit, and PXM CrossFit. Check them out by visiting our “Studios” tab on our website to learn more!


CrossFit classes offer a transformative experience while focusing on functional movement and day-to-day capabilities. Every class can be different, depending on the studio or even the instructor.

If you're new to CrossFit, you should always start with an onboarding program. CrossFit uses movements that utilize the whole body and prepares you to actively engage with the world. Because of that, it's extremely important to go into class with a basic understanding of what you'll be experiencing and how you'll be adjusting movements as you grow in strength and ability.

At MagMile CrossFit, new members are put through a foundations program of five 1 hour personal training sessions. Over the course of these sessions, each person will experience the basic movements, terminology, and most importantly scaling options that you'll see. This is also when their coaches are best able to get to know each new member and gives them a chance to find the best starting point regardless of where they are at in their fitness journey. MagMile community members have each gone down their own road of fitness before joining a CrossFit community. Their fitness journey then led many of them to CrossFit, but each of them came to it in their own way. Foundations is an opportunity for you to find out exactly where you are in your fitness journey and what the best route forward for your specific goals will be.

Each CrossFit studio can vary in onboarding. Make sure to read up on your studio’s site to know how your workout will be specifically set up and what you can expect during your first session!


Preparing for your first CrossFit session is very important. Before you try CrossFit, don’t forget these crucial tips so that you are one step closer to being fully prepared and set up for success. You got this!

  1. Bring plenty of water to class! Being hydrated is key as well so drinking water an hour before class will allow you to go in hydrated not hydrate as you're sweating it all out.

  2. Dress in athletic attire — wear something that helps you move around freely!

  3. Stretching and or rolling before class can set you up to feel extra comfortable and strong throughout the workout.

  4. The most important thing to prepare for any CrossFit class is to keep an open mind and be ready to learn and have fun!

* Most tips and expertise were provided by the Marketing Manager of MagMile CrossFit, Austin Cornett

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