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What You Should Know Before Your First CrossFit Class

Taking your first workout class can be very intimidating. It’s hard to know what to expect from workout classes when it’s your first time. But here at CHI-SOCIETY, we’re here to help! Our knowledgeable and professional CrossFit trainers and studios shared their expertise on everything you need to know before your first CrossFit class!

Whether you are a pro, beginner, or have never even heard of CrossFit, we got you covered! Don’t know what to expect from your first CrossFit Class? From tips to general knowledge about CrossFit, we put together a master guide to all things CrossFit! Read below to learn more!


If you’ve never heard or tried CrossFit, you NEED to try this as your next workout! CrossFit is a fitness methodology that focuses on functional movement and day to day physical capability. It's not just about how much you lifted that day or setting a personal best in every workout. It's about making those groceries easier to carry, making that 4th flight of stairs as easy as the 1st, even just bending down to do your weekend chores. All of that and more is what makes CrossFit the transformative experience it is.

CHI-SOCIETY is proud to partner with three amazing Chicago CrossFit studios — Archetype CrossFit, MagMile CrossFit, and PXM CrossFit. Check them out by visiting our “Studios” tab on our website to learn more!


CrossFit classes offer a transformative experience while focusing on functional movement and day to day capabilities. But how else are classes set up? Every class can be different, depending on the studio or even the instructor. What is important to know is that all CrossFit classes aim to provide a form of high intensity interval training — strength and conditioning workout that is made up of functional movement performed at a high intensity level. Classes can vary in time, but most CrossFit classes average about an hour long. Classes are set up involving a guided warm up and stretching session that are both built around the workout programmed for that day. After the stretch and warmup, the Coach demonstrates that day's strength movements for the first half of the class, followed up by a cardio portion that incorporates lower weights and higher intensity. Make sure to read up on your studios’ site to know how your workout will be specifically set up!


Preparing for your first CrossFit class is very important. By reading this article, you are one step closer to being prepared, but there’s still a lot to do beforehand! Here are the most crucial tips:

  1. Bring plenty of water to class! Being hydrated is key as well so drinking water an hour before class will allow you to go in hydrated not hydrate as you're sweating it all out.

  2. Dress in athletic attire — wear something that helps you move around freely!

  3. Stretching and or rolling before class can set you up to feel extra comfortable and strong throughout the workout.

  4. The most important thing to prepare for any CrossFit class is to keep an open mind and be ready to learn and have fun!


It’s happening — your first CrossFit class is beginning! Expect an intense workout and a fun experience!

Always make sure to arrive early for your first class so you can get fully situated and ready for your class. The first step in CrossFit is always an onboarding process. This is a little different depending on where you go, but the goal is always to ease each new CrossFitter into the space and routine so that they can begin participating safely and comfortably. After onboarding, expect your first class to be fun, first and foremost. Be ready to work on some fundamentals and to step out of your comfort zone!


You’re all done and you completed for your ever CrossFit class! If you're relatively new to working out, you can expect some fatigue and soreness after your first CrossFit class. You'll want to get enough to eat that day, a good night sleep, and absolutely make sure to stay hydrated!


CrossFit is an exciting workout to try and can quickly turn into your newest obsession. Here are some last few tips from our partnered studio, MagMile CrossFit, on CrossFit classes!

“The best advice I have is that CrossFit is for everyone. If you have a bad back, if you have never worked out a day in your life, if you were an Olympian, if you struggle to find time, or just don't know what fitness routine will work for you, CrossFit is still for you.

Fitness is the most personal thing we can do. We only get one body, and just like with careers or relationships, the things we value the most often involve the most work. There is no perfect time to start focusing on self improvement, but the Chicago fitness community is here and ready to help everyone that has decided to start that work. And, if for whatever reason, you aren't ready to begin that journey now, we will be here when you are, with all of the instruction, and support, and enthusiasm that we each were shown since joining a truly unique community.”

* All tips and expertise were provided by MagMile CrossFit Marketing Manager, Austin Cornett

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