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Spring Into Fitness: 20 Fitness Class Deals to Jumpstart Your Fitness Goals

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Spring has arrived in Chicago! Crisp air and warmer days are ahead of us – Summertime Chi, we’re ready for you! Following a lengthy Winter, we are eager to become more active and our Fitness Studios & Instructors are available to assist you!

Spring is the perfect time to rekindle your commitment to fitness and adopt a healthier lifestyle. With the arrival of warmer weather in Chicago, many fitness studios and gyms are reopening their doors and offering exciting classes and workout routines.

So, if you're looking to spring back into shape this season, consider checking out these awesome CHI-SOCIETY fitness class deals to jumpstart your fitness goals this Spring!

Looking for even more health, fitness, & wellness deals? Don’t forget that CHI-SOCIETY members gain access to exclusive deals and steals on equipment, gear and so much more — and the best part is that it’s completely free to JOIN THE COMMUNITY!

Once you’re all signed up, you’ll be able to access over 30 awesome and exclusive deals. Trust us, this list is HOT and you won't want to miss out on these hook-ups this Spring!

The Best Chicago Fitness Class Deals for Spring 2023

From high-intensity interval training to yoga and Pilates, there's something for everyone. By getting back into your fitness routine, you'll not only feel more energized and confident, but you'll also reap the many benefits of regular exercise, such as improved cardiovascular health and mental well-being.

So, let's check out some of the BEST in Chicago fitness for Spring 2023 (and beyond!).

AIR Aerial Fitness - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

AIR® is recognized as the nation’s leading aerial fitness training method. Designed for all levels, AIR® strengthens your core and tones your physique in record-breaking time by fusing elements of conditioning, Pilates, and HIIT [high-intensity interval training].

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive their first week of unlimited classes for just $25!

Amplified Pilates Center provides customized sessions in an energized environment that assists clients in achieving balance between mind and body while improving posture, strength, stability, and flexibility.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive 10% off group classes!

Bolt Fitness -  Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

Bolt is here to provide the tools to improve your strength, endurance, and quality of life through training systems that are sustainable, and appeal to all.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive 50% off a 2-week trial to Bolt!

The Best Workout in the World™®. Founded in West Hollywood in 1998, it’s the original strength and cardio interval fitness experience that provides a dynamic, high-intensity workout that’s as effective as it is fun. Our fitness classes alternate between working out with weights and running on a treadmill and each day focuses on different muscle groups in order to achieve real results and to help reduce the risk of injuries.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive their FIRST CLASS for FREE!

Basecamp Fitness - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

Basecamp Fitness is a 35-minute HIIT workout consisting of intervals between our air-bikes and various resistance/strength training. Whether is it upper, lower, or full body we are there to provide you with an effective low-impact workout, maximizing your results and time.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive 2 Weeks FREE!

Chicago Strength - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

Our training philosophy can be boiled down to the belief that true fitness is the ability to excel in as many types of athletic performance as possible, concurrently. In order to ensure that state of physical preparedness, we must constantly vary our training modalities, duration, loads, volume, and intensity. To accomplish this, we offer the greatest variety of class formats in Chicago.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive $99 Unlimited Trial Month — Unlimited CrossFit classes, Unlimited HIIT classes, 24/7 FOB access, and 50% off personal training!

Club33 - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

CLUB33 is a boutique small group training studio that offers efficient and targeted 33-minute weight training classes, and specialty classes such as yoga and full body on weekends. Our goal is to help members get in the best shape of their life. The CLUB33 method utilizes metabolic resistance training [MRT] to help members achieve faster results in less time. MRT combined with small class sizes [limit of 6] offers each of our members a personalized training experience. CLUB33 is dedicated to helping its clients achieve their lifestyle goals. Perfect for beginners and advanced lifters.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive a FREE first class, FREE FIT3D body composition scan, & 10% off any monthly membership!

CrossTown Fitness - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

The Science Behind HIIT! Research proves that High-Intensity Interval Training [HIIT] is the most effective method to increase endurance and build strength.

Each class will be different every time you come to CrossTown Fitness, Workouts incorporate strength and endurance exercises to challenge you in new ways each day! Our trainers design each class to include interval cardiovascular routines, mobility, and strength training. Open to all fitness levels, this class puts first-timers and fitness die-hards side by side to make progress at their own level together in one community. 200+ WEEKLY CLASSES UP TO 1200 CALORIES BURNED!

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive a 2-Week Pass [reg $60]!

Heat 3.0 - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

Heat 3.0 offers a variety of conscious movement classes that help you move with grace. Sculpt your arms and legs and strengthen your core to take on life with confidence and ease.

Our Pilates, Barre, FLX Stretch & Heated Yoga Classes are safe, effective, will make you sweat, and are FUN!

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive 20% off any class package or membership [for the first 3 months] at Heat 3.0!

MVFitness - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

Empowering. Energy-inducing. Electric.

MVFitness is a full-body cardio dance workout designed to strengthen your body and your mind.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive 25% off any MVFITNESS ON-DEMAND membership!

MagMile CrossFit - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

MagMile CrossFit is a collective of fitness enthusiasts with the expertise to improve the physical and mental fitness of each person that walks into their studio in Chicago. We are qualified, experienced professionals who understand the interrelationship between your physical fitness and your life, and are seeking to improve lives through integrated training, nutrition, and recovery!

Experienced CrossFitters will receive 50% off of their first full month membership payment [$250 down to $125]!

New to CrossFit? Check out our Foundations program for 50% off [$200 down to $100]!

On Your Mark - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

On Your Mark Coaching and Training is dedicated to helping clients perform at their best. Their goal is to provide the highest level of training experience in Chicago.

With their STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, PERFORMANCE, and HIIT pillars, On Your Mark offers multiple training options that are both motivating and challenging. Our color-coded class schedule allows clients to effectively build their day, week, and month with a balanced mix of work and recovery. This variety promotes training in a safe, structured environment; with an emphasis on total body conditioning.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive an exclusive offer for 1 FREE training session + $30 UNLIMITED for your first week!

P.volve - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

P.volve combines low-impact movement and specially designed resistance equipment for a truly effective sculpting, toning, and strengthening workout like no other.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive 25% off the introductory offer: one-week unlimited access for $24 [vs. $32]!

Resistance - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

Lagree For Every Body. Resistance is a boutique Lagree Method studio offering small classes and private training. Our classes are appropriate for all levels of fitness from complete beginners to Pilates professionals. Lagree combines elements of Pilates and Strength training to create a high-intensity, low-impact workout. The method is perfect for anyone looking to build lean, toned muscle, improve core strength, and burn fat.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive 50% off their first 3 pack!

Rise Nation - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

Rise Nation redefines fitness by capitalizing on choreographed climbing created by renowned trainer, Jason Walsh. This 30-minute, high-intensity, no-impact, full-body workout is spent entirely on the climber and is the most effective, efficient, and safe concept in fitness. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, these innovative classes will change you, challenge you, and keep you coming back for more.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive 20% off all non-founding packages and memberships [includes drop-ins, 5 class series, 10 class series, 20 class series, 4/month membership, 8/month membership, and non-founding Unlimited Membership]!

SALT Fitness - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

Barre. Cycle. FIT. This is your body on Salt. We’re throwing out the one-workout-fits-all model and giving you a solid foundation of essential elements to finally achieve your fitness goals.

Forget the one-class stand. Salt’s got you covered for a stronger, healthier, happier life.

CHI-SOCIETY Members can take advantage of an exclusive offer of 5 classes for $75!

SoulCycle - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

SoulCycle is an immersive and intense full-body workout. Our legendary instructors guide you through class—helping you lose yourself in the ride, the music, the experience. We ride to the beat, whip our towels in the air, and occasionally scream out our favorite lyrics at the top of our lungs. It’s an epic cardio party on a bike and you’re about to be obsessed. Ready to join the pack? We thought so.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive a $50 First Time Rider Unlimited Package!

This package is 2 weeks of riding [14 classes] for $50!

Studio Elevate Fit - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

Studio Elevate Fit is a boutique fitness studio delivering mindful movement and exceptional fitness experiences. Offering barre, yoga, trampoline, strength, and cardio classes in a body-friendly environment, you’ll use movement to protect your peace and elevate your spirit.

CHI-SOCIETY Members receive Half Off your first month of an Unlimited Membership [3-month commitment]!

The Barre Code - Best Chicago Fitness Spring 2023

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sign up today to try your first 3 classes at The Barre Code River North for FREE!

Choose from a variety of classes, including our 3 core formats: Barre, Bootcamp, Brawl® [cardio kickboxing]!

The Gym Pod

Hello, Chicago! Fully automated and unmanned private gyms that you can access 24/7, on-demand!

The Gym Pod is pleased to share with CHI-SOCIETY members an exclusive offer of 40% off their first 6 months on the premium subscription plan! Enjoy greater flexibility, lower booking rates, and other member perks as a monthly subscriber.

Head over to to discover the best of Chicago Health & Fitness!

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