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As a professional dancer turned fitness professional, I am dedicated to helping my clients find their mind body connection. I have been in the fitness industry for over 13 years, working for several different health clubs with a wide demographic of people. Some of my certifications include ACE CPT, AFAA Group Ex, Healthy Moms, TRX, ViPR, Schwinn Cycling and Aerial Yoga. Over the years I have taught a variety of formats including Strength, HIIT, Core, Kickboxing, Cycling, Barre, Step and Dance. Running my own business, Becca Faria Fitness, has enabled me to work with clients in a more personal setting and tailor workouts to their specific goals. I find that when you listen to your clients, and constantly ask them for feedback, the program you create will produce their best results. It’s a team effort with both of us working to improve their healthy lifestyle. Whether you are training with me one on one, or in a group class, you will feel that every exercise selection was intentional. Through energetic vibes, encouragement, precise cueing, and big smiles you will leave our session feeling like a better version of yourself. Follow me on IG  to watch my workouts and stay motivated!

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