Kate is a Chicago-based Meditation instructor, specializing in mindful healing for the whole person. After teaching for many years in traditional yoga studios throughout the Chicagoland area, Kate felt called to serve the communities that have impacted her life in a profound way.  She now practices Trauma-Informed Care and specializes in the areas of Women’s Wellness, Recovery, Anxiety, and Healing.

Kate studied mindfulness at Chicago State University and received her certification in Trauma-Informed Care from the Institute of Trauma at the University of Buffalo. Kate has completed Jon Kabat-Zinn’s eight-week MBSR course, and the 100-hour Meditation Teacher Training at Chill Chicago, where she has also had the privilege of leading workshops and working with their teacher trainees. Kate is Yoga for 12 Step Recovery Certified, Prison Yoga Certified. Kate currently works for NAMI Chicago and guides corporate meditations and private sessions in meditation and mindfulness throughout the United States. As a yoga instructor, Kate has taught at Pulling Down the Moon, Ritual Hot Yoga, Yoga 6, Yoga 2point0, and FFC, in addition to guiding corporate workshops and wellness events throughout the city.