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Nicole’s journey into fitness and wellness began with an adventurous spirit and an insatiable desire to build community with like-minded women. Her fearless pursuit allows her to cultivate relationships in several circles and thoroughly understand the impact and benefits of mindful movement. Through Pilates and breathwork facilitation coaching and training, she found immense joy in empowering clients to find their strength and confidence beyond their comfort zone. However, she often found that Black and underserved communities were often not included in these spaces or conversations surrounding wellness, health and fitness.

As Nicole began to delve deeper into her conscious healing journey, she became especially passionate about education and awareness to foster inclusive, purpose-driven community experiences. In 2020 she founded a racial equity platform (@racemvmt) that integrates movement of the body with a curriculum to encourage movement of the mind, bringing communities together from around the world through prompts and discussions around dismantling systems of inequality, taking responsibility and action for being actively anti-racist and creating sustainable transformation within our communities.

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