Kevin began practicing yoga in 2012 after moving away from his Kung Fu & Tai Chi studio, thinking yoga was the closest thing to Tai Chi. About 15 minutes in, stumbling through his first Sun Salute, he realized this ‘yoga thing’ was something else entirely! One thing was similar though - the breath! After sweating more than expected, he walked out of class feeling rejuvenated, thinking “This is what life Is supposed to feel like!” Kevin quickly fell in love with yoga, and decided to become an instructor because of his desire to help other students experience how amazing it feels to take a great yoga class. Through refining his practice and education over the years, he’s discovered that yoga has a multitude of hidden benefits for everybody and every ‘body.’ Whether you’re looking to improve flexibility, tone up, de-stress, or challenge yourself mentally and physically, there is a yoga flow that complements each and every lifestyle. Kevin completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training in Thailand through Candace Moore, who taught him that above all else, his goal is to help his students “Tap into their greatness, defy their limits, and take no shit.”