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Jordan is a 200 E-RYT Yoga Teacher located in Chicago, IL.  Born and bred in Buffalo Grove, she moved out to New York City for 5 years, only to return home to Chicago in 2017. While here in Chicago, Jordan completed 200 Hour Yoga and Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training with Corepower Yoga, and the Equinox Cycling Mentorship Program. She is also a NASM Behavior Change Specialist and is now completing a Barre certification with Barre Eclipse and a Yoga Nidra certification via Soul n Steady. Jordan aims to inspire women & men alike to find their inner light and let it shine. She shares her own version of wellness through mindful movement, mantras, and personal affirmations and stories. Jordan leads a power flow, linking breath to movement, with music that lets your mind escape. Her methodology is to bring a variety of joy filled workouts that take people on a journey without comparison or self doubt. She brings yogis together from around the country to flow, strengthen and vibe as one.

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