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I'm from central PA originally and have coached for 13+ years in State College, Chicago, Philadelphia, and now BACK to Chi!

Originally I had set out to train high-level athletes so a big part of my education includes; strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, exercise psychology, anatomy, and program design which have contributed to my success as a fitness coach.

I have been training general population clients in one on one, semi-private, and group settings and it is incredibly fulfilling to see what fitness can do for someone's quality of life far beyond the gym.

Strength training is my jam regardless of the environment or who I am working with. I use what I have access to, be it kettlebells, barbells, straps, cables, dumbbells, body weight or bands to put people in the correct positions to execute what they need to do with the proper intention.

Over the years I have coached tons of classes, trained tons of clients, gained a solid following in multiple cities, as well as mentor other coaches for a group I’m involved with known as Strength Faction.

I’ve had the privilege to contribute to women's health, shape magazines, assist certifications, lead presentations,  as well as coach a couple private classes to the WWE network in the past!

I meet people where they are at and bring the JUICE to every session, every class, and leave my personal stuff at the door before I turn it on.

Education/Certifications: B.S Kinesiology, CSCS, RKC2, CFSC2, FRCms, Onnit KB specialist, TRX

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