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10 Reasons Why School Teachers Make the Best Fitness Instructors

Research suggests that up to 50% of new teachers leave the profession within their first five years of teaching, indicating significant turnover among educators. Teachers are increasingly leaving the profession and seeking side hustles due to a combination of factors. These include inadequate compensation, high levels of stress and workload, a lack of support and resources, frustration with standardized testing and bureaucratic requirements, challenges in managing student behavior, limited opportunities for career advancement, and a desire for additional income. These issues contribute to teacher burnout and dissatisfaction, prompting many educators to explore alternative sources of income and professional fulfillment through side hustles outside of teaching.

Are you a teacher or know a teacher looking to leave the profession or interested in a side hustle outside of school? Here are 10 reasons why teachers make the best fitness instructors with skills they already possess:

#1: Clear Communication

Teachers are adept at explaining concepts clearly and effectively. This skill translates well into fitness instruction, where clear communication is crucial for ensuring participants understand and perform exercises correctly.

#2: Patience

Teachers often have a high level of patience, which is essential when working with individuals of varying fitness levels and abilities. They can provide encouragement and support to help students progress at their own pace.

#3: Adaptability

Teachers are accustomed to adapting their teaching methods to suit different learning styles and abilities. Similarly, in fitness instruction, they can modify exercises to accommodate participants with injuries or limitations, ensuring everyone can participate safely. This understanding can help them tailor fitness programs to meet the needs of diverse age groups, skill levels & backgrounds. 

#4: Organizational Skills

Teachers are typically well-organized individuals who can plan structured and effective fitness classes. They can create lesson plans that include warm-ups, exercises, and cool-downs, ensuring a comprehensive workout experience.

#5: Motivational Skills

Teachers often excel at motivating their students to achieve their goals. This motivational ability can be valuable in fitness instruction, where encouragement and inspiration can make a significant difference in participants' commitment and progress.

#6: Experience Working With Groups

Teachers are accustomed to managing classrooms and leading group activities. This experience translates well into fitness instruction, where they can effectively manage class dynamics and foster a supportive and inclusive environment.

#7: Empathy and Compassion

Teachers possess a high level of empathy and compassion, understanding the challenges individuals may face in their fitness journey and offering support and encouragement to overcome obstacles.

#8: Conflict Resolution Skills

Teachers are skilled in conflict resolution, able to address any issues or concerns that may arise during fitness classes calmly and effectively, ensuring a positive experience for all participants.

#9: Ability to Provide Constructive Feedback

Teachers are skilled at providing constructive feedback to help students improve their performance. In fitness instruction, this ability allows them to offer personalized guidance on technique, form, and progress, empowering participants to make positive adjustments and achieve their fitness goals effectively. Their feedback fosters continuous improvement and builds confidence among participants, enhancing the overall quality of the fitness experience.

#10: Passion for Helping Others

Above all, teachers have a genuine passion for helping others succeed, whether in the classroom or the gym, making them dedicated and enthusiastic fitness instructors who genuinely care about their participants' well-being and progress.

Meet Our Chicago AIR Aerial Fitness Instructors & Educators

From left to right:

Lovliana Baptiste - Former Middle School Science Teacher for 4 years // AIR Instructor

Tye Moores - Former High School Teacher for 2 years // AIR Instructor

Erin Larson - Former Special Education Teacher for 6 years // Owner & Master Trainer of AIR Aerial Fitness Lincoln Park, Lakeview & Winnetka

Christine Turner - Special Education Teacher & Case Manager of 16 years // AIR Instructor


This article was written by Erin Larson, Owner of AIR Aerial Fitness - Lincoln Park, Lakeview & Winnetka locations. Erin was a former Special Education Teacher in Chicago Public Schools for 6 years. She taught fitness classes as a side hustle before leaving the teaching profession & franchising her first AIR studio in 2019. Erin quickly noticed how her teaching skills easily transferred into fitness instruction & noticed the same in her new hires who were also teachers or former teachers.

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