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Streamline Your Physical & Mental Health With SWTHZ Contrast Therapy

COMING SOON with exclusive first access to the CHI-SOCIETY Community!

SWTHZ is a Contrast Therapy Studio specializing in deliberate exposure to heat

and cold – which is scientifically proven to enhance your physical and mental

health. Clients enjoy up to 60 minutes in a private, luxury contrast therapy suite

equipped with a full-spectrum infrared sauna, cold plunge, and vitamin C shower.

Suites offer full entertainment so you can choose to unplug, meditate, listen to

music, or watch TV!

If that doesn’t pique your interest, consider the myriad of benefits you can unlock

when implementing such modalities into your wellness routine:

  • Better muscle recovery and blood circulation

  • Reduced inflammation and stress levels

  • Healthier sleeping habits

  • Improved respiratory health and higher white blood cell count

  • Not to mention the essential personal time [you read that right, SWTHZ offers 100% private luxury contrast therapy suites] and relaxation.

Below are further Q&As that could help determine if contrast therapy is for you!

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Unlike a traditional sauna, infrared saunas use infrared lamps –

electromagnetic waves – to warm your body directly. Because of this, an infrared

sauna can operate at a lower temperature (between 120 ̊F and 140 ̊F) leading to

a longer exposure and more comfort.

Why the Cold Plunge?

Including cold water immersion in your recovery and wellness efforts, like the

cold plunge at SweatHouz, comes with its own host of mental and physical

benefits, including decreased muscle soreness, an upregulation of

neurotransmitters like epinephrine and dopamine to elevate your mood and a

short-term increase in metabolism.

I’ve heard of Cryotherapy... is Cold Plunge the same thing?

Cold Plunge and Cryotherapy are similar concepts with different modalities.

Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen in a specialized chamber. Like cold water

immersion, Cryotherapy will lower core body temperature, cause vasoconstriction

and redistribution of blood flow, and can provide temporary pain relief. However,

a Cold Plunge session at SWTHZ is customizable, hassle-free, accessible, and


Do I have to be an Athlete to use Contrast Therapy?

Reaping the benefits of contrast therapy has no criteria, especially in physical

attributes. Contrast therapy can be used as preventative care, or an overall

wellness tool providing long-term health benefits.

How often should I use the Sauna & Cold Plunge?

Both heat therapy and cold therapy have clear recommendations for weekly

volume goals. SWTHZ [and the science] recommends 90 minutes a week in the

infrared sauna at 140o. Subsequently, cold exposure therapy should be 11

minutes per week, broken up into 2-4 sessions. A temperature between 48-55 ̊F

is both safe and efficient in experiencing all the benefits of deliberate cold


How do I prepare for my first Contrast Therapy session?

Dress for comfort and come ready to sweat! It is recommended that you hydrate

before, during, and after your session. Transition from the sauna to the cold

plunge or you can alternate between modalities in shorter increments throughout

your session before ending with a vitamin-c-infused shower – all in the privacy of

your own luxury suite.

Where can I book my first Contrast Therapy session?

There are many facilities that offer cold plunge and sauna access, some fitness

studios may have variations of these modalities available in their locker rooms,

but if you prefer a more elite experience, SWTHZ is the place for you. A

fresh-designed luxury contrast therapy studio where clients have exclusive

access to their own private suite equipped with an infrared sauna, cold plunge tub, and vitamin-C shower. SWTHZ offers memberships ranging from 4-visits-a-month

to unlimited sessions. Visit to learn more about their

services and book your first session or download the Sweathouz app on the

Apple App Store or Google Play.


Elevate your well-being at SWTHZ – where science meets serenity! SweatHouz Old Town is coming soon! Stay tuned for more opening details & make sure to follow @sweathouz for exclusive updates and sneak peeks!

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