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How To Stay Consistent With Your Physical Wellness While Traveling

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Staying consistent with your physical-wellness routine can seem a bit daunting when

traveling for work or pleasure. While vacationing, no one wants to worry about when

they will get in their daily workout.

Those faced with bouts of work travel may find

difficultly slotting in physical activity due to a jam-packed business itinerary. Regardless

of the reason for travel, here are a few realistic tips to help you stay consistent with your

wellness journey while away from home.

Be Kind to Yourself

First and foremost remember to give yourself grace. Provide allowance to enjoy your vacation - even if that means skipping a workout, or two! Make a conscious effort to prioritize your happiness by soaking in the experience, culture, and surroundings. Do routine check-ins to listen to what your body and mind are telling you. Ask yourself how and what that may look like. If working out in some capacity each day away will enrich your experience, do so. Maybe lounging for an afternoon seems more appealing. Give yourself space to honor what your body needs by taking the time to properly decompress and relax. It is okay, and often more necessary than we think, to truly slow down.

If a traveling work schedule strays you from your weekly fitness program, hold space for yourself and remember all things are temporary. Perhaps you notice traveling exhausts you, and therefore you honor this awareness by building in a rest day from working out regimen while out of town. Maybe you find taking a 20-minute walk in the morning aids as a mood booster or better helps you decompress from a stressful work day.

External forces will always present themselves, straying you from routine. Listening to your body is a crucial skill in establishing longevity for any physical-wellness practice. Adopting a healthy lifestyle requires constant introspection and flexibility. Remember that each person’s wellness journey should be unique and individualized. So do what feels best for YOU by addressing your well-being from a global and intuitive perspective.

Hold Yourself Accountable: Plan Ahead

As we have heard time and time again, establishing accountability is necessary for successful maintenance of any workout regimen. How is this best achieved when out of town? One effective tactic is to plan and schedule workouts ahead of time! Before traveling for leisure or business, glance at your calendar and see where you can slot in workouts (of any kind) to better hold yourself accountable while on the road.

If possible, try booking travel around activities. Vacationers who seek out opportunities to explore their environment actively create fun and easy ways of maintaining physically fit. If your travel plans do not leave room for activity inclusion, then try making minor adjustments to encourage a bit more movement each day. Maybe you take a morning walk to the local coffee shop or wake up 30 minutes early to hit the hotel gym.

You might even consider starting a workout program to keep you motivated. A fitness professional can customize (and adapt) a program to support your fitness goals and lifestyle. For instance, programming could consist of shorter-duration workouts which encompass body weight-specific exercises. In this way, the programming supports possible time restraints and could be performed anywhere - without requiring gym access. In this way, the personalized programming keeps you moving towards your wellness goals while still remaining targeted, effective, and (arguably most important) convenient.

Just remember no matter how long or short the duration of travel, planning physical activity ahead of time will make it easier to stay consistent and accountable.

Stay Hydrated, Eat Well & Get Quality Sleep

It goes without saying that eating nutritiously, staying hydrated, and getting ample sleep are three of the most effective ways to “do your body good” - and this becomes especially true for travelers. After a long flight, water will significantly help refuel your body. Eating your fruits and veggies will keep you feeling nourished and energized. Getting a good night's sleep allows your body time to regulate, restore, and recharge your battery.

Consider packing a reusable water bottle that is then readily accessible and easy to refill throughout the day, we love this one by Hydroflask. Try choosing healthy options on the menu that will leave you feeling satisfied and well-nourished. Make a point to hit the pillow early enough to provide your body with the ample amount of rest it deserves. Through mindful efforts in offering your body with substantial hydration, nourishment, and proper sleep hygiene you’ll receive improved boosts to your overall energy and mood. This will positively impact your ability to enjoy each day of your trip to the fullest.

The Takeaway

Take movements of pause to acknowledge what your body is telling you it truly needs

when traveling, while still honoring your commitment to your wellness journey. Remember, it’s a “journey”. One or two days off course will not derail you from still attaining a healthy lifestyle.

Give grace and hold space for what your body needs. It is all about balance and finding the right tools that support your physical-wellness journey, regardless of your geographic location!


Lynne Alberding holds an MS in Kinesiology and over 20 years of experience as a fitness professional - specifically as a certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, Thai Bodywork Practitioner, and NASMTM Stretch Therapy Couch. She provides personalized Pilates and Strength Training programming for individuals in pursuit of their physical wellness. Lynne’s professionalism stems from her purpose to better educate and empower her clients through educated, goal-oriented, and mindful practice - while being an active participant in helping individuals navigate their wellness journey.

For more information and to follow Lynne on social media, click HERE.

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