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The Best Female-Owned Fitness Studios & Businesses in Chicago

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Happy Women’s History Month! Women’s History Month commemorates and encourages the study, observance, and celebration of the vital role of women in American history.

In the fitness and wellness industry, women have made a significant impact by breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes. They have become leaders in areas such as yoga, Pilates, personal training, and nutrition, and have inspired countless women to prioritize their health and well-being. Women have also been at the forefront of promoting body positivity and inclusivity in the industry, encouraging people to embrace their unique bodies and strive for overall wellness rather than conforming to unrealistic beauty standards. Women's History Month is a time to celebrate the incredible contributions that women have made and continue to make in all aspects of society, including the fitness and wellness industry.

To continue honoring and celebrating Women’s History Month, we will be celebrating the influential and brilliant women that have made advancements and a huge impact on the Chicago fitness community! There are numerous female-owned fitness studios and businesses in Chicago and the Chicagoland area that provide high-quality workouts but also empower women to take control of their health and well-being. By providing a space for women to come together, these fitness studios have become more than just a place to exercise; they have become a community and a symbol of female strength and resilience. We're proud to bring you the Windy City's very best so you can discover them, too!

Chicago Female-Owned Fitness Studios & Businesses

AIR Aerial Fitness

Location: Lincoln Park, South Loop, Lakeview [COMING SOON], & Winnetka

About: AIR® is recognized as the nation’s leading aerial fitness training method. Designed for all levels, AIR® strengthens your core and tones your physique in record-breaking time by fusing elements of conditioning, Pilates and HIIT (high intensity interval training). CHI-SOCIETY Members receive their first week of unlimited classes for just $25. Find the promo code under the “Community Perks” page on our website!

Instagram: @airfitchicago, @airfitsouthloop, @airfitwinnetka

What’s Offered?: Conditioning, Pilates, and HIIT aerial fitness classes

Amplified Pilates Center

Location: River North [314 W Institute Place 3W]

About: Amplified Pilates Center provides customized sessions in an energized environment that assists clients in achieving balance between mind and body, while improving posture, strength, stability and flexibility. Offering classical and contemporary methods of Pilates, these classes will help you challenge, connect and care for your body.

Instagram: @amplifiedpilates

What’s Offered?: Private and group Pilates classes, teacher training

Bolt Fitness

Location: Ravenswood [4545 N Ravenswood Ave]

About: Bolt Fitness is here to provide the tools to improve your strength, endurance, and quality of life through training systems that are sustainable, and appeal to all. Through group training in strength and conditioning, HIIT, and speed, Bolt Fitness will allow you to continuously improve physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Instagram: @boltchicago

What’s Offered?: Strength and conditioning, HIIT, speed group training

Centered on North

Location: Old Town [435 W North Ave]

About: Centered on North is a prominent contemporary pilates studio where passionate and educated instructors offer small group classes and individual instruction. Classes are dedicated to what will deepen your practice, challenge your range and cultivate your awareness. Centered on North strives to Make Pilates Personal.

Instagram: @centeredonnorth

What’s Offered?: Pilates classes & wellness services


Location: Old Town [1319 N Larrabee St]

About: Club33 is a boutique small group training studio that offers efficient and targeted 33 minute weight training classes, and specialty classes, such as yoga and full body on weekends. Their goal is to help members get in the best shape of their life. The Club33 method utilizes metabolic resistance training (MRT) to help members achieve faster results in less time. MRT combined with small class sizes (limit of 6) offers each of their members a personalized training experience. Club33 is dedicated to help their clients achieve their lifestyle goals. Perfect for beginners and advanced lifters!

Instagram: @club33fit


What’s Offered?: Small group weight training classes & specialty classes [yoga, full-body]


About: CHI-SOCIETY is your SOURCE to discovering the best of Chicago Health & Fitness. Curating a collection rich with the very best studios, instructors, events, workouts, and MORE, CHI-SOCIETY allows you to discover all of the city’s best healthy and fit offerings without spending hours searching the internet to find them. The on-demand streaming platform that CHI-SOCIETY offers lets you work out with Chicago’s best instructors anytime and anywhere. Classes you can find include dance, pilates, boxing, cycle, barre, strength training, yoga, and meditation classes.

Instagram: @chi_society_

EDGE Athlete Lounge

Location: Bucktown [1747 N Elston Ave]

About: EDGE Athlete Lounge is designed as a smarter way to train -- created by athletes, for athletes. EDGE is a state-of-the-art training facility offering athletes a one-stop-shop to get all of their fitness needs. With up to 30 HIIT-style strength classes per week, a general purpose weight room, and an amazing recovery lounge, they’ve got everything you need for your complete workout and training regimen in one place!

Instagram: @edgeathletelounge

What’s Offered?: Group endurance training, PT, personal training

Emerge Physical Therapy & Wellness

Location: Lincoln Park [1962 North Bissell]

About: Emerge Physical Therapy & Wellness in Lincoln Park provides the best one on one orthopedic, pelvic floor PT, and personal training in a boutique style, safe and clean environment. Above all, they aim to promote recovery and wellness in Chicago.

Instagram: @emergeptw


What’s Offered?: Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Mental Health Services, Nutrition, Injury Prevention, & Personal Training

Heat 3.0

Location: Lincoln Park [2105 N Southport Ave, Suite 200]

About: Heat 3.0 features pilates reformer classes designed to strengthen your mind-body connection with conscious movement & heated studio!

Instagram: @heat_3.0


What’s Offered?: In-studio yoga and pilates reformer classes

Kelly Maher Acupuncture + Wellness

Location: Lakeview [3330 N Lincoln Ave]

About: A Holistic Healing Approach to Live the Life You Truly Deserve. Kelly Maher is a certified life coach, acupuncturist, and herbalist. She is the owner of Kelly Maher Acupuncture + Wellness and offers physical and mental wellness services, along with complementary wellness tools, such as meditation.

Instagram: @kellymaher_aw

What’s Offered?: Acupuncture, coaching, & meditation


Location: River North [102 W Chicago Ave]

About: Empowering. Energy-inducing. Electric. MVFitness is a full-body cardio dance workout designed to strengthen your body and your mind.

Instagram: @mvfitnesschi

What’s Offered?: Dance-cardio classes & on-demand fitness classes

Modern Acupuncture

Location: Lincoln Park [2516 N Elston Ave]

About: At Modern Acupuncture Lincoln Park, they provide time and space for you to fill your cup while helping you meet your health and wellness goals using acupuncture and cupping. Their Licensed Acupuncturists use Traditional East Asian medicine to put the body back in balance, relieve pain, reduce stress, and give you a good night’s sleep. Every appointment is 30 minutes, intended to fit into your busy schedule. The more we fill our own cup the more we can give to others. Schedule your first visit, consultation and treatment today. Exclusive discount for CHI-SOCIETY Members! Find your discount under the “Community Perks” page on our website.

Instagram: @modernacupuncture_lincolnpark

What’s Offered?: Acupuncture & Cupping

Move Therapy and Wellness

Location: Roscoe Village [2135 W Roscoe St]

About: Move Therapy and Wellness is a lifestyle practice that focuses on a holistic path to wellbeing. Psychotherapists, yoga therapists, and other holistic health practitioners work together to develop a tailored and individualized path to wellness for each unique client.

Instagram: @movetherapychicago

What’s Offered?: Psychotherapy services, career and life coaching, mentoring, yoga therapy and special class series and workshops

ONYX Pilates

Location: River North [102 W Chicago Ave]

About: ONYX offers innovative, game-changing Reformer Pilates digitally and at their River North studio. ONYX believes that holistic wellness starts with movement. Whether mental or physical, movement plays a front-and-center role in transformation and long-term health. They inspire their member's transformation through everyday movement.

Instagram: @myonyxfit

What’s Offered?: 3 Reformer Pilates Classes IRL & Digitally

On Your Mark

Location: West Loop [1101 W Monroe St]

About: Get Inspired, Be Inspiring. At On Your Mark, you always strive for perfection. From small group classes to personal training, you will get the highest quality training by the highest quality trainers! On Your Mark offers multiple training options that are both motivating and challenging. Variety in their workouts promotes training in a safe, structured environment; with an emphasis on total body conditioning.

Instagram: @onyourmarkstudios


What’s Offered?: Strength, Conditioning, HIIT, and Endurance Workouts - Small group, Personal Training, In-Home Workouts

Optimal Performance

Location: Bucktown/Lincoln Park and Southwest Suburbs

About: A Sports Performance & Physical therapy clinic with a mission to help you function at your optimal potential. In order for the human body to properly heal, it must move optimally, think optimally, and be fueled with optimal nutrition. There is not a cookie-cutter answer to healthcare and it must be individual in nature. The goal of Optimal Performance is simple: Help you to move, think, and eat better.

Instagram: @op_movement

What’s Offered?: Sports Chiropractic, Sports Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Sports Massage, & Strength and Conditioning


Location: Fulton Market/West Loop [730 W Randolph St]

About: P.volve is a workout method unlike any other fitness approach. Rooted in functional movement, we work with the body’s mechanics to deeply activate muscles and help you move the way your body was designed to. Low impact and effective at any level, our classes meet you where you are at any given moment. From sculpting to cardio, to recovery there’s P.volve class for every level, every goal, every need. And with 4 signature studio classes to help you level up, your results will never stop.

Instagram: @pvolvechicago

What’s Offered?: Low-impact functional training plus resistance-based equipment for intense muscle activation and body sculpting

Pilates + Coffee

Location: Roscoe Village [2144 W Roscoe St]

About: Pilates + Coffee is a unique neighborhood space that celebrates pilates, coffee + community. Being America’s first combination pilates studio and full-service coffeeshop, stop in for private and group pilates classes and leave with a signature latte!

Instagram: @pilatesandcoffee

What’s Offered?: In-person, on-demand, and virtual pilates classes, full-service coffeeshop

Resistance Chicago Lagree

Location: Wicker Park [1330 N Milwaukee Ave]

About: Lagree For Every Body. Resistance is a boutique Lagree Method studio offering small classes and private training. Our classes are appropriate for all levels of fitness from complete beginners to Pilates professionals. Lagree combines elements of Pilates and Strength training to create a high intensity, low impact workout. The method is perfect for anyone looking to build lean, toned muscle, improve core strength and burn fat.

Instagram: @resistance_chicago

What’s Offered?: Group fitness Pilates classes and Megaformer personal training

Rise Nation

Location: River North [667 N Wells St]

About: Rise Nation redefines fitness by capitalizing on choreographed climbing created by renowned trainer, Jason Walsh. This 30-minute, high-intensity, no-impact, full-body workout is spent entirely on the climber and is the most effective, efficient, and safe concept in fitness. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, these innovative classes will change you, challenge you, and keep you coming back for more.

Instagram: @risenationchicago

What’s Offered?: Climbing workouts classes

Ritual Hot Yoga

Location: River North [750 N Franklin St, #205] & Lakeview [2805 N Sheffield Ave]

About: Ritual Hot Yoga is NOT your typical yoga studio, offering students the most luxurious, body-sculpting, mind-bending yoga experience in the industry. Ritual Hot Yoga is a unique style of fast-paced hot yoga that links the breath to the beat of the music. This all-levels class is 50 minutes, incorporating yoga philosophy, static postures, choreographed flows, yin, meditation, and a cool eucalyptus towel massage. The studios are all-inclusive. Yoga mats, towels, showers, water, post-class amenities... you name it, Ritual has it. Just bring you.

Instagram: @ritualhotyoga

What’s Offered?: Yoga & Hot Yoga classes

SALT Fitness

Location: Bucktown [1714 N Damen Ave] & North Shore [410 Green Bay Rd]

About: Salt is about fitness with a solid foundation. We bring together essential elements that build a stronger, healthier, happier you. Barre. Cycle. FIT. This is your body on Salt. We’re throwing out the one-workout-fits-all model and giving you a solid foundation of essential elements to finally achieve your fitness goals.

Instagram: @saltfitnesschicago

What’s Offered?: Barre & Cycle fitness classes


Location: The Loop [111 W Wacker Dr] & Old Town [1225 N Wells St]

About: SoulCycle is an immersive and intense full-body workout. Our legendary instructors guide you through class — helping you lose yourself in the ride, the music, and the experience. We ride to the beat, whip our towels in the air, and occasionally scream out our favorite lyrics at the top of our lungs. It’s an epic cardio party on a bike and you’re about to be obsessed. Ready to join the pack? We thought so.

Instagram: @soulcycle

What’s Offered?: Indoor Cycling classes


Location: Wicker Park [1632b W Division St]

About: Spynergy Wicker Park is a historic barn turned modern indoor-cycling studio designed to guide both beginners and experienced athletes through a fiery ride, led by inspiring instructors and energetic music. Engage with instructors who help you meet your fitness goals!

Instagram: @spynergywickerpark

What’s Offered?: In-studio, virtual live, and on-demand spin classes

Studio Elevate Fit

Location: Libertyville [1414 S Milwaukee Ave]

About: Studio Elevate Fit is a boutique fitness studio delivering mindful movement and exceptional fitness experiences. Offering barre, yoga, trampoline, strength, and cardio classes in a body-friendly environment, you’ll use movement to protect your peace and elevate your spirit.

Instagram: @studioelevatefit

What’s Offered?: Barre, Yoga, Trampoline, Strength, & Cardio Classes

The Space Between

Location: River North [222 W Hubbard Street, Lower Level SE]

About: The Space Between is a yoga experience designed to get you out of your head and into your soul! Their mission is for people to leave feeling more alive than when they came in. Offering five different classes in River North, you will be able to feel it in your soul.

Instagram: @thespacebetween_yoga

What’s Offered?: Yoga classes, retreats, and workshops

Train Moment

Location: West Loop [167 North Desplaines St] & Lincoln Park [COMING SOON]

About: Train Moment focuses on a personal training approach in a group setting. Their Coaches safely challenge individuals of all levels in an inviting, inclusive atmosphere through their Strength-Forward training which combines simple, effective, and low-impact Strength with HIIT cardio. Enjoy the satisfaction of completing a solid session with Train Moment and leave with the mindset of seizing the moment!

Instagram: @trainmoment

What’s Offered?: Strength and HIIT Personal Training Approach in a group setting

Urban Grind

Location: River North [215 W Ohio St]

About: Urban Grind is your source to provide a consistent support system for personal growth through mental and physical challenges. Classes spanning from yoga to cardio to strength, this holistic fitness center helps clients bridge the gap between their mental and physical being.

Instagram: @urbangrindchi

What’s Offered?: UG Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Nutrition, Community Workshops & Programs, AND MORE!

Valena Wellness

Location: River North [10 W Hubbard St Suite 2C]

About: Massage center using RollStar massage rollers. Lymphatic drainage massage is amazing post-workout. Encouraging the flow of lymph fluid can reduce swelling and make muscles appear more toned. It can also help your body recover faster.

Instagram: @valenawellness

What’s Offered?: Lymphatic drainage massage using RollStar massage rollers

For more information or to book your first appointment, call their number — (708)-369-7211.

Yoga 2.0

Location: River North [215 W. Ontario St., 2nd floor]

About: A fitness studio grounded in community and connection. This yoga studio focuses on feeling the difference in your mind + body as soon as you roll out on your mat to get your sweat on. From their spa-like locker rooms to the lobby workspace, and their amazing studio rooms, you will definitely feel the difference.

Instagram: @yoga2.0studio

What’s Offered?: Yoga in-person and on-demand classes

BeBold Bars

About: BeBOLD bars are refrigerated Energy bars founded by Stacy Madison the founder of Stacy's Pita Chips! There are 4 flavors made with nuts butters, nuts, chia, honey and maple. All 4 flavors are gluten free, dairy free, plant based and kosher! BeBOLD bars are delicious on purpose!

Instagram: @beboldbars

CHI-SOCIETY members receive 20% off their order using a special code at checkout! Find it under our Perks Page!

Cove Chicago

About: Cove is a collective built to merge, mentor, and motivate Chicago's most ambitious. Once a year, we bring hustlers like you a limited-edition, motivational streetwear piece designed for the ones who go the distance, no matter how challenging the pursuit. Our 2021 piece features a handwritten reminder from the Cove family: It’s already in you.

Instagram: @covechicago

CHI-SOCIETY members receive 25% off their order using a special code at checkout while inventory lasts! Find it under our Perks Page!


About: No miracles. Just science. Our bodies’ endocannabinoid system (ECS) naturally depletes over time and circumstance. CBD has the power to bring a woman’s ECS back to balance. This is why we are committed to delivering organic, hand-harvested, full-spectrum CBD to women nationwide. Through personalized 1:1 support & quality obsession, Equilibria has helped nearly 200,000 women find balance, and beyond.

Instagram: @equilibriawomen

CHI-SOCIETY members receive 20% off their order using a special code at checkout! Find it under our Perks Page!

Prepped N Plated

About: Prepped n Plated is a small, local, meal prep company that specializes in quality, nutritious, ready-to-go meals! Prepped n Plated meals are made from scratch and ingredients are sourced locally. Prepped n Plated is big on supporting those around us so we purchase all of our meats from local butchers. This also allows us to offer meals that are all-natural, free of hormones & antibiotics. There is no junk in these & we are very proud to say that! Simply order a set of meals, keep them in your fridge and heat & eat as you go about your week!

Instagram: @preppednplatedfoods

CHI-SOCIETY members receive 15% off their first order using a special code at checkout! Find it under our Perks Page!

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