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CHI-SOCIETY Named the BEST Source for Chicago Gyms & Fitness by Expertise

Experts Agree — We’re the #1 Source for the BEST Workouts, Fitness & Trainers in Chicago

CHI-SOCIETY is honored to announce that we have been recognized as the number one BEST source for fitness and health in Chicago by one of the nation’s most trusted reviewers, Expertise.

After a rigorous submission and selection process, Expertise chose CHI-SOCIETY from among thousands of other companies, identifying us as the number one source for Chicago fitness and awarding us the “Best Gyms in Chicago 2023” award.

Reserved for the exceptional few who display excellence across the board, Expertise awards are only granted to top businesses after a thorough screening process.

CHI-SOCIETY outshined every other competitor in each category screened, coming out on top to win the coveted distinction as the number one source of Best Gyms in Chicago in 2023.

Here’s why and how we did it.

Why Expertise Awarded CHI-SOCIETY with the “Best Gyms in Chicago” Honor

At CHI-SOCIETY, we’re devoted to connecting you with the absolute BEST that Chicago has to offer in the way of gyms, fitness studios, workouts, personal trainers, yoga classes, Pilates studios, barre, boxing, strength training, CrossFit, wellness services, and more.

Our industry pros have done the legwork, so you don’t have to! And we’ve picked the most outstanding health and fitness options from the bunch. That lets you easily zero in on the most trusted studios, gyms, trainers, and other experts who can really deliver top-notch fitness classes, workouts, and health-focused services.

To that end, CHI-SOCIETY offers an array of valuable perks, resources, and fitness opportunities, including (and not limited to):

Best Chicago Fitness & Health - CHI-SOCIETY
  • A convenient studio and services directory: Easily browse our collection of Chicago’s best fitness studio, strength training gyms, acupuncture clinics, and more in our dyanmic directory. We update this handy resource ALL the time, and we cover nearly every discipline, from yoga, boxing, and barre to Pilates, cycling, physical therapy, mediation, and so much more. Just use the convenient filter function to simplify your search and see the best Chicago has to offer within seconds!

  • A streamlined fitness trainer directory: Meet the Windy City’s top fitness trainers and find out why these professionals are not just the best in Chicago — but also best in their industry and nationwide. See pictures, browse quick bios, and get a little background on each expert, so you can get to know the best Chicago fitness trainers with just a few clicks.

  • Exclusive access to Chicago fitness events: Discover the BEST fitness events in Chicago, from workout classes and pop-up events to workshops, festivals, and beyond. You can RSVP for different events right on our Fitness Events page, and you can find out more about the options for private events, corporate events, and corporate workout programs. CHI-SOCIETY’s Events make it easy to connect, get involved, and find the perfect coach for your next event.

  • Instant access to the best online workouts: We understand that time is limited and going to the gym isn’t always possible. That’s why we’ve created CHI-SOCIETY ON DEMAND, providing access to 150+ workouts led by top trainers and fitness instructors in Chicago. Now, you can workout however you want — anytime, anywhere.

Best Deals on Chicago Fitness, Health & Wellness - CHI-SOCIETY
  • The BEST money-saving PERKS: Join our community and get immediate access to exclusive deals, money-saving offers, and downright STEALS on fitness equipment, workout gear, exercise classes, studio and gym memberships, and so much more! At CHI-SOCIETY, we’re not just about showcasing the best fitness and health professionals, studios, and services in Chicago. We’re also about helping you find the best deals and savings, so you can do more and go even further in your health and fitness journey, even on a tight budget.

We’re proud to accept the Expertise honor and continue to embody what it means to be the premier source for the best in Chicago health, fitness, and wellness.

About Expertise Awards

Expertise is an online review platform and rating service that ranks the top businesses and professionals in 200+ industries across the U.S. Updating rankings monthly, Expertise serves as an independent, third-party researcher, conducting ongoing and extensive investigations to look into more than 60,000 companies and:

  1. Highlight the very best professionals

  2. Help consumers make more informed decisions

To do this, Expertise compiles an exhaustive list of established businesses, analyzing several factors, including (and not limited to):

  • Reputation and online reviews

  • Accreditations, certifications, and licensing

  • Current offerings and services

  • Professionalism and industry expertise

Once a company receives an Expertise award, that business has to continue to meet the honor’s top standards through monthly screenings that are just as demanding as the initial review process.


CHI-SOCIETY is second to none when it comes to connecting you with the BEST in Chicago health, fitness, and wellness. For years, we have been the number one source for all things workout, exercise, fitness, health, and wellness related in Chicagoland.

That’s why we continue to feature the very best studios, instructors, events, workouts, and MORE. We make it easy for you to find the best, and we’re dedicated to sharing resources for every fitness, health, and wellness niche in and around Chicago. That includes (and is not limited to):

Discover more now. The exciting world of fitness, health, and wellness in Chicago welcomes you!

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